1. General Bottle Supply's Oakland location has moved. Our new location is 1910 Fairway Drive, San Leandro, CA 94577 (510) 300-2600


                Welcome to General Bottle Supply - please take the time to view our product catalogue and learn more about the west coast's premier distributor of wholesale jars & containers. We are your top resource for bulk bottle supplies, where you can buy all containers and bottles wholesale. With locations near the heart of downtown Los Angeles and in San Leandro, our modern facilities support both direct shipping and pick-up orders. We are open Mon-Fri 8:00AM to 4:00PM. Closed on the following Holiday's. New Year's, Memorial Day, The 4Th Of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Office's will be closed early the day before each Holiday at 12:00PM.


                Email or Call!
                • 800-782-0198 (Los Angeles)
                • 800-788-9596 (San Leandro)
                • Monday thru Friday During Business Hours (PST)

                You Want It, We Got It

                Jars, Bottles, Jugs, Pails, Sprayers, Caps -- Oh My!
                • Something for Every Need
                • Custom Solutions Available
                • Decorative Labeling Available

                Get Your Shipment Fast!

                Most Orders Ship Within 24 Hours
                • Overnight Delivery Available.
                • Ships Anywhere in the United States.
                • Ships from Our Warehouses in San Leandro and Southern California
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