1. Jan 17, 2020

                Fish sticks are a frozen food favorite for many, but a new study might make you think twice about sinking your teeth into the processed product. Researchers at the University of California, Santa Cruz, have found that the process of making fish sticks, imitation crab and fish fillets using Alaskan pollock has a fairly significant […]

                Jan 17, 2020

                A fundamental problem with cereal cropsrice, wheat, cornis that they, unlike some other crops, need a whole lot of fertilizer to grow properly. Fertilizer has serious environmental and energy problems associated with its use. To help address that problem, there are lots of possibilities: crop rotation, simultaneous growing of other crops, that kind of thing. […]

                Jan 16, 2020

                The Trump administration rule finalized massive cuts in SNAP, better known as food stamps, in December. In large part, the new rule clamps down on the rights of individual states to create waivers and otherwise allow more people to receive SNAP benefits. And some states (largely Democratic-leaning ones) are not going to let the rule […]

                Entire European Union Bans a Bayer Insecticide

                In October of last year, a European Union commission recommended that the EU not renew... (more)

                Dan Nosowitz


                This Urban Farmer Wants to Help You Grow Your Own Food

                For L.Be Sholar, the experience of watching her own seeds grow into something she could... (more)

                Lindsay Campbell
                January 13, 2020
                Could Water Buffalo Milk be Texass New White Gold?

                In Fredericksburg, Texas, locals know Phil Giglio as the water buffalo guy. A year and... (more)

                Lindsay Campbell
                January 8, 2020
                New Gene-Edited Tomato Could Be Huge for Urban Agriculture

                A newly engineered tomato could help solve how were going to feed the worlds hungry... (more)

                Alex Robinson
                January 6, 2020
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                Study Finds Reduced Fat Milk More Associated With Obesity Than Whole Milk

                The American dietary guidelines recommend, as they have for years, reduced-fat or skim milk. But... (more)

                Dan Nosowitz
                January 10, 2020
                Most Meat Eaters Think Veganism is Ethical, Study Says

                A newly released survey shows many meat eaters think veganism is a virtuous endeavor. Its... (more)

                Alex Robinson
                January 9, 2020
                Impossible Foods Made an Impossible Pork

                Impossible Foods, makers of the Impossible Burger thats been popular at Burger King, just debuted... (more)

                Dan Nosowitz
                January 8, 2020
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                A Blockchain Approach to Transparent, Sustainable, Fair Coffee

                Coffee is one of the most brutal and difficult segments of agriculture. At this years... (more)

                Dan Nosowitz
                January 14, 2020
                Plant Life is Spreading Around Everest

                The Himalayas are becoming greener as glaciers continue to melt. The Asian mountain range, which... (more)

                Alex Robinson
                January 13, 2020
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                Could Water Buffalo Milk be Texass New White Gold?

                In Fredericksburg, Texas, locals know Phil Giglio as the water buffalo guy. A year and... (more)

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