1. Account Opening is FREE,
                paperless & takes less than 5 minutes!

                Lowest Margin Requirements. Highest leverage
                across NSE, BSE and MCX


                About SAMCO?

                Our mission is to help every Indian customer put their money to work and maximize their wealth.

                Whether you are new to trading/investing or are a seasoned professional trader or investor, we have the solutions for your needs and problems.

                Why Samco


                Brokerage Saved

                561 + crores in Rupees

                StockNote Stories Read

                235 + Lakhs

                Number of Transactions processed

                660 + Lakhs

                Number of Cities Served

                3180 +City


                World Class Customer Support
                If You Need It

                SAMCOs support team are about providing superior customer experiences every day.
                Support is completely free of cost and our endeavour is ensure a quick resolution to all your queries.

                Contact Us

                +91-22-22227777 | +91-22-45030450

                You can also get in touch with our Support Helpdesk Here.

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